Planescape: Across the Multiverse

Across the Planes - Adventure Log

Wherein our heroes encounter one of the many perils of the Multiverse.

This is where the accounting of the various fiascos the players (and occasionally the DM…) will generate over the course of the game.

Entry One

Tracking the Khaasta, and disturbing news

  • Symeon and Dirge arrive in Sigil after escorting a caravan from the Outlands. Flush with money, they begin touring the bars of the City of Doors.
  • In a darkened Lower Ward ally, they encounter a group of Khaasta raiders attacking a half-elf with an unknown magic device. They slay nearly a half dozen Khaasta, but the rest escape through a portal to the Outlands.
  • A local innkeeper named Tiandra tells them that the Khaasta have been using a magic device to drain beauty from the unfortunates of the Ward, and that the Harmonium hasn’t stepped in.
  • Dirge and Symeon agree to track the Khaasta. They meet with Lissandra the Gate-Seeker to buy information on how to open the portal to pursue them.
  • They arrive in the Outlands in the ruined pit mines of Chariamur; deep in the mountains between the realms of Maanzecorian the Illithid Deity, and Gzemnid of the Beholders.
  • A pair of Maanzecorian’s proxies had fled his realm to the Outlands, dying in grisly fashion after telling the duo that the Illithid god was somehow slain. Dirge is moved to break his Githzerai-trained stoicism to smile at the misfortune befalling the hated enemy of his people. A physic storm followed, with the pair barely able to resist the blast of secrets and information caused by the death of the power.
  • They leave the Rotting Oracle just prior to the arrival of Blvastin: a Beholder from Gzmenid’s realm who had come to investigate the disturbance; a stealthy escape from unpleasant interrogation follows.
  • Despite pushing themselves, their prey remains a day’s journey ahead. The peculiar malleability of travelling the Outland works against them as they find themselves at the gates of the fortress-town of Ironridge.

Quote of the Night: Symeon: So the Outlands is like the sampler platter of the Planes of Existence?



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