Planescape: Across the Multiverse

The Harrowing of Naphraks

Wherein our heroes prove the ephitet "Fortune favors the bold!"

Dirge and Symeon make a daring raid on the demi-plane of Naphraks. After silencing the first patrol, they’re joined by Yarrow, a tiefling bodyguard who was in the process of escaping. Through stealth, poison, and wit, the group manages to slay the leadership of the Khaasta tribe, freeing the slaves. Very nearly overcome by the remaining Khaasta, they manage to flee through a portal on the top tower floor that finds them in an alley on the tree-burg of Crux.

Quote of the Night: Dirge (minimally disguised as the The Wise One: Yes I,er.. just stumbled again. Everything’s all right here now. How are you?



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