Planescape: Across the Multiverse

The Tree, the Corruption, and the Fire

The groups raid on the Khaasta lair in Naphraks breaks the Khaasta raiders; with the leadership slain and dozens dead from poison, combat, and infighting, they cease to be an effective threat.

The group decides to rest up in the nearby burg of Crux before heading back to Sigil with the recovered Embers. After a night at Crux’s finest inn, they discover the portal from Crux to the dead world that connects it to Sigil has been sealed magically.

During their investigation, they discover the Warpwood; a massive distortion of the world tree itself. The disturbing revelation is compounded when the druid leader of the woodworker’s guild attempts to burn down the guild and all inside in a fit of madness, caused by the tree’s corruption.

Talismin Redboar takes the opportunity to attempt to kill the duo in the flames, narrowly escaping with severe wounds. The pair track her down on the branches of Yggdrasil and confront her. Although she refuses to give details, she does admit that she sealed the portal and attempted to assassinate them to prevent them from interfering with the Warpwood, thinking them to be rival agents hired by the lower planes. The pair allows her to leave with her word that she will leave Crux and the Warpwood behind.

When they return to town, they warn Veridis Mov, the unofficial leader of the community of the danger. He admits that he had some knowledge of it, and would attempt to speak with the town elders about defending against the corrupting influence.



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