Planescape: Across the Multiverse

The Funeral World

With their business in Crux concluded, the pair leaves through the portal, unsealed from Talismin’s magic.

Through the portal they find the ruined world of Ranais; a world of ash and ruins, utterly without life. While moving through the ruins of a once mighty city, they find a trail through the ashes. Following it, they find the broken corpse of Talismin Redboar; having apparently fallen to her death from a broken bridge high over a rocky riverbed.

Travelling further across the world, Dirge is drawn to an image of a mighty temple to a great power. Symeon’s intervention allows Dirge to break the spell and see the structure for what it is, a ruin. When they go to investigate the temple, they are attacked by strange creatures that warp their perceptions.

When the fight has completed, nothing remains of their opponents but silence in the ashes. With that, the duo return to the City of Doors.



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