Planescape: Across the Multiverse

Hunting the Hunters

Wherein our heroes pursue the Khaasta raiders across the Outlands.

  • In the fortress-burg of Ironridge, Symeon and Dirge encounter a small mob fighting over the local brewmasters. Closer observation finds that the brewmasters have used the Embers on themselves, causing the townsfolk to try and claim them. Symeon and Dirge intervene to pull them out of the crowd and interrogate them on the Khaasta.
  • While asking after the Khaasta at Northmen’s provisions, Dirge senses that they’re being followed, and tracks a half-elf across town to a small tavern. Dirge attempts to intimidate her into staying away to little effect.
  • At Northmen’s, Symeon finds that the Khaasta pass through Ironridge on a regular basis while heading to the Realm of the Norns.
  • After leaving town, the group takes care to hide their tracks and campsite; later that night a Yugoloth patrol is seen heading up the road at a furious pace.
  • The party encounters a Fhorge in the wild; Symeon’s magic finds little purchase, but he manages to wound the beast before Dirge lands a killing blow with an improbable crossbow shot.
  • A few days further travel finds the group being tracked down themselves; by a walking castle.
  • A wizard who gives his name as Tiac Rami No introduces himself and inquires after the Khaasta and the embers; having purchased some prior. After internal debate, they agree to enter the tower to try and recover the embers.
  • When Tiac excuses himself to check on his ‘pretties’, Symeon follows him and disables him. Unfortunately, without Tiac’s will, the wards of the Norn realm quickly dissolve the tower.
  • Symeon’s magic saves the pair from a fatal flaw; however their host is crushed messily by the fallen debris. Dirge recovers a part of the wizards body in the hopes of having him ressurcted. Symeon repeatedly injures himself while attempting to force open the small chest containing the “Pretties”, revealed to be six gems imbued with the Circean Embers essence.
  • While continuing to track the Khaasta, the duo travels through the Realm of the Norns and onto the World Tree; Yggdrasil.
  • While travelling across Yggdrasil, they find a small portal to the Half-Realm of Naphraks, the apparent lair of the Khaasta band. They silently kill a pair of sentries and make preparations…



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