Planescape: Across the Multiverse

Family Ties

Symeon and Dirge arrive in the city of Athkatla on the prime world of Toril, hired by Yagi Blackmane to bring his daughter Kasumaa back to Sigil.

Their arrival is one met with violence, as they interrupt a group of Shadow Thieves interrogating a dockwocker. When the dust settles, Renal Bloodscalp, the Shadow Guild’s master for the docks district lies dead.

After an encounter with the city guards and then the cowled wizards, the pair find themselves jailed. Curious as to the planars who came through the staircase and slaughtered the Shadow Thieves in her warehouse, Kasumaa Blackmane bribes the guards for their release.

When the pair discloses why they seek her, she agrees to return to Sigil and directs them to follow her to a small villa outside of the city. Kellig Coin-Counter, one of the Shadow Guild Masters attempts to intercept them. A fray ensues that leaves several more Shadow Thieves dead, and the pair with a death mark in the City of Athkatla as Kellig escapes.

Hidden within the villa is a treasure trove with a portal to the planes. Kasumaa gifts dirge with a container of an odd liquid metal; said to react to it’s owner’s will much like karach. She then leads them through and across the plane of Bytopia to return to Sigil.

On his death-bed, Yagi completes his end of the deal and provides the deed to his manor. However, Kayle of the Mercykillers decides to enact revenge for their encounter in the mazes; bringing the Fated to collect ‘taxes’ from the pair. Dirge makes a threatening comment,and Kayle orders him arrested for threatening an officer of the Merykillers while Symeon demands a tax reciept.



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