Planescape: Across the Multiverse

Into the Lair of the Dragon King

To boldly steal what cannot be sold

Believing the next logical step to finding Symeon’s twin would be to return to the place of his origins, Symeon and Dirge contact Lissandra the gatekeeper.
She points them at a perilous gate, concealed behind a razorvine barrier, which the heroic pair navigate. They arrive in the city of Tyr, within sight of the Golden Palace of the Sorcerer-King Kalak.
Symeon speaks to an old contact (Orken) who tells them Kalak entered the ziggurat and disappeared every decade. During one of these absences, Kalak returned with Symeon as an infant. He also hands Symeon a dagger, covered with mystic markings.
Utilizing a former blind (Cynthia), the pair disappear.
They penetrate the Golden Palace though unused tunnels beneath the palace, killing guards in the dungeons and releasing prisoners from captivity.
Creeping through the darkened tower, they find their way to the deserted chambers of dead Kalak and bypass the wards on the door. They find little, but avarice plays a hand and the pair (who are, in all fairness, basically plane-walking thieves) engineer the theft of a dragon statue weighing several hundred pounds.
Cunningly concealed by the statue is a lockbox, whose symbols match those on the dagger. Inside the lockbox, a single feather (strange on a world with no birds).
They leave the palace through Symeons old egress portal and make their way to the ziggarut…..



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