Planescape: Across the Multiverse

Love Letter

Dirge is released by the Mercykiller’s on a technicality; although they refuse to return any of the items confiscated ‘for tax reasons’.

The group is hired by a figure named Kas’ralin to deliver a letter to his lady-love. Carefully left out of that information is that Kas’ralin is a Cornugon Baatezu, and his Lady is a succubus residing in a guarded tower on the first layer of the Abyss.

Despite misadventures with a leaky boat, an acidic lake, and an encounter with a Babau recruiter, the group finds the Tower of Chiryn. Dirge slays the Chasme guarding the tower with a single blow of his reforged “Shifting” sword. During the attack the sword itself seems to resonate in Dirge’s mind.

Although somewhat capricous, Chiryn returns the pair to Sigil with a sealed letter with her scent; proving the delivery was made. On his part, Kas’ralin pays handsomely for the delivery.

Dirge has an encounter with a Harmonium sergent on his way back to the Blackmane manor that finds Kasumaa and Symoen discretely leaving the manor to have drinks at an Indep bar in the market ward. Kasumaa shapechanges to avoid an awkward encounter with her ex-husband, Haer Dalis. When Dirge arrives, he attempts to subtley provoke a confrontation between the two, but Symeon’s intervention in pulling Kasumaa out to dance defuses the power keg.

The evening ends with the group returning to the manor in the early hours of the grainy Sigil dawn.



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