Dirge The Mendicant

Dungeon World Variant


Age: 35
Class/Level: Zerth/5
Sex/Ethnic: Githzerai/Planar
Alignment Chaotic Good

Might:+2 Agility:+1 Resolve:+3 Intelligence:0 Perception:+2 Charisma:0
Racial Abilities – Githzerai
Warded +1 Resistance to Arcane Damage
Low Light Vision No darkness penalties to perception
Special Abilities
Zerth (Discipline / Mind Affecting) Trained to cast magic using willpower instead of intelligence for the listed spheres
Planewalker’s Guildsman Once per day, ignore damage or effects of an environmental hazard
Tracker When you attempt to identify and follow tracks,you can do so quickly while on the move.
Sleuth Can search for clues quickly and on the move, and can usually tell when someone is lying
Deadly +2 Damage to melee attacks
Bonds Skills
Symeon Survival
Shifting Blade Alertness
Tiash-Gar Mysteries (Magic)
Kayle of the Mercykillers
Charon Stoneclaw
Haar Da’lis
Weapon DAM Tags
Shifting Blade d6+2 Close,Enchanted,Pierce
Green Steel Dagger d6+1 Close,Light
Medium Crossbow d6+1 Light,Reload
Type DR Tags
Studded Fhorge Leather +2 Armor Masterwork
Gith-Weave Cloak +1 to Stealth checks
Boots of Striding +1 to running/jumping movements
Tattoo of the Ruined Temple +2 to resist illusions from lower planar creatures
Bone Ring +1 Hero Point Enchanted
Shifting Blade Unknown When the Blade of Daagen was reforged with Kasumaa’s ‘quicksilver’ metal, it was changed in strange ways. While more deadly than before, the metal shifts and ripples almost like Karach, but without requiring the wielder to focus on keeping it coherent
Experience: 5/15 Advances: 5
Hero Points: 4 Favors: 3/0
Stamina: 11

Dirge The Mendicant

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