Kasumaa Blackmane

Daughter of Yagi Blackmane, ex-wife of Haer Dalis and member of the Planewalker's Guild.


Name: Kasumaa Blackmane
Age: 87
Race: Human
Faction Allegiance: Planewalker’s Guild


Kasumaa and Yagi’s heritage is a closely guarded secret. Although neither will confirm it, it’s suspected that they are actually descended distantly from Wee Jas, Oerth’s goddess of Death and Magic.
The truth may not be known, but Yagi has lived for nearly three centuries. And at the age of 87, Kasumaa barely looks to be out of her twenties. Her black/gold eyes, unnatural beauty and affinity for magic speak of something in their family tree.
In Athkatla, she established the Blackmane trading company. While publicly she’s the head of a respected merchant house, privately she’s a member of the Shadow Thieves elite counsel; reporting directly to the Shadow Master.

Kasumaa Blackmane

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