Symeon the Dust Walker

Dungeon World Variant


Age: 30
Class/Level: Fighter/Mage
Sex/Ethnic: Aasimar/Prime
Alignment Chaotic Good

Might:0 Agility:+2 Resolve:+1 Intelligence:+2 Perception:0 Charisma:+3
Racial Abilities – Aasimar
Aasimar Resistance +2 against damage from Heat / Cold
Low Light Vision No darkness penalties to perception
Special Abilities
Mage (Fire/ Shadow) Trained to cast magic using Intelligence in the listed spheres
Planewalker’s Guildsman Once per day, ignore damage or effects of an environmental hazard
Duelist All one handed weapons are treated as Light, and can be dual-wielded
Forage When you are in the wildnerness, you always find enough food and water to keep yourself alive
Disguise Using costumes and makeup, you can convincingly imitate other people, or hide your own identity
Bonds Skills
Dirge Stealth
Mystery Contact Athletics
Kasumaa Deception
Weapon DAM Tags
Kundane 2d6+1, take the higher die Close,Enchanted, Fast,Light
Green Steel Short Sword d6+1 Close,Light
Obsidian Daggers d4 Light,Thrown
Type DR Tags
Ashen Scale +2 Armor Masterwork
Redboar’s Bracers Remove 1d4+2 Damage when reducing damage
Flask of Nearly Endless Water Up to 10 liters of water generated per day
Pouch of Holding Weightlessly holds up to 3 square feet of items
Tattoo of the Tower’s Leap No penalties to casting magic on the move (Running/Jumping)
Synar Poison Deadly!
Kundane Fast When engaging in combat, Kundane’s Wielder (almost!) always acts first
Experience: 1/11 Advances: 5
Hero Points: 4 Favors: 3/0
Stamina: 11

Symeon the Dust Walker

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