Shifting Sword

Dirge's weapon of choice.

weapon (melee)
Weapon Range Damage Special
Shifting Blade Str+d8+1 +1 Fight,Shifting:different abilities based on will checks

Captured from Da’agen, a warrior slave of Uzzachinal the Illithid.

Da’agen was sent to stop the Raakma band Dirge belonged to from finding his master. Da’agen was able to ambush the Gith successfully, but at the cost of his life. The few survivors returned home. Dirge took the blade as a prize, and a reminder of the value of vigilance.

Using the strange metal given as a gift from Kasumaa Blackmane, Dirge has had Da’agen’s sword reforged. While retaining the same shape and cutting edge; the sword itself feels different. The the metal moves in subtle patterns the eye can barely detect while maintaing it’s shape, and it seems to resonate with the one that wields it.

The Githzerai smith in the Lower Ward that reforged the blade told Dirge that the blade itself resisted enchantments; almost as if the metal itself refused them. It is still unknown how this will affect the blade in combat.

Shifting Sword

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