Planescape: Across the Multiverse

Into the Lair of the Dragon King
To boldly steal what cannot be sold

Believing the next logical step to finding Symeon’s twin would be to return to the place of his origins, Symeon and Dirge contact Lissandra the gatekeeper.
She points them at a perilous gate, concealed behind a razorvine barrier, which the heroic pair navigate. They arrive in the city of Tyr, within sight of the Golden Palace of the Sorcerer-King Kalak.
Symeon speaks to an old contact (Orken) who tells them Kalak entered the ziggurat and disappeared every decade. During one of these absences, Kalak returned with Symeon as an infant. He also hands Symeon a dagger, covered with mystic markings.
Utilizing a former blind (Cynthia), the pair disappear.
They penetrate the Golden Palace though unused tunnels beneath the palace, killing guards in the dungeons and releasing prisoners from captivity.
Creeping through the darkened tower, they find their way to the deserted chambers of dead Kalak and bypass the wards on the door. They find little, but avarice plays a hand and the pair (who are, in all fairness, basically plane-walking thieves) engineer the theft of a dragon statue weighing several hundred pounds.
Cunningly concealed by the statue is a lockbox, whose symbols match those on the dagger. Inside the lockbox, a single feather (strange on a world with no birds).
They leave the palace through Symeons old egress portal and make their way to the ziggarut…..

Love Letter

Dirge is released by the Mercykiller’s on a technicality; although they refuse to return any of the items confiscated ‘for tax reasons’.

The group is hired by a figure named Kas’ralin to deliver a letter to his lady-love. Carefully left out of that information is that Kas’ralin is a Cornugon Baatezu, and his Lady is a succubus residing in a guarded tower on the first layer of the Abyss.

Despite misadventures with a leaky boat, an acidic lake, and an encounter with a Babau recruiter, the group finds the Tower of Chiryn. Dirge slays the Chasme guarding the tower with a single blow of his reforged “Shifting” sword. During the attack the sword itself seems to resonate in Dirge’s mind.

Although somewhat capricous, Chiryn returns the pair to Sigil with a sealed letter with her scent; proving the delivery was made. On his part, Kas’ralin pays handsomely for the delivery.

Dirge has an encounter with a Harmonium sergent on his way back to the Blackmane manor that finds Kasumaa and Symoen discretely leaving the manor to have drinks at an Indep bar in the market ward. Kasumaa shapechanges to avoid an awkward encounter with her ex-husband, Haer Dalis. When Dirge arrives, he attempts to subtley provoke a confrontation between the two, but Symeon’s intervention in pulling Kasumaa out to dance defuses the power keg.

The evening ends with the group returning to the manor in the early hours of the grainy Sigil dawn.

Family Ties

Symeon and Dirge arrive in the city of Athkatla on the prime world of Toril, hired by Yagi Blackmane to bring his daughter Kasumaa back to Sigil.

Their arrival is one met with violence, as they interrupt a group of Shadow Thieves interrogating a dockwocker. When the dust settles, Renal Bloodscalp, the Shadow Guild’s master for the docks district lies dead.

After an encounter with the city guards and then the cowled wizards, the pair find themselves jailed. Curious as to the planars who came through the staircase and slaughtered the Shadow Thieves in her warehouse, Kasumaa Blackmane bribes the guards for their release.

When the pair discloses why they seek her, she agrees to return to Sigil and directs them to follow her to a small villa outside of the city. Kellig Coin-Counter, one of the Shadow Guild Masters attempts to intercept them. A fray ensues that leaves several more Shadow Thieves dead, and the pair with a death mark in the City of Athkatla as Kellig escapes.

Hidden within the villa is a treasure trove with a portal to the planes. Kasumaa gifts dirge with a container of an odd liquid metal; said to react to it’s owner’s will much like karach. She then leads them through and across the plane of Bytopia to return to Sigil.

On his death-bed, Yagi completes his end of the deal and provides the deed to his manor. However, Kayle of the Mercykillers decides to enact revenge for their encounter in the mazes; bringing the Fated to collect ‘taxes’ from the pair. Dirge makes a threatening comment,and Kayle orders him arrested for threatening an officer of the Merykillers while Symeon demands a tax reciept.

The Funeral World

With their business in Crux concluded, the pair leaves through the portal, unsealed from Talismin’s magic.

Through the portal they find the ruined world of Ranais; a world of ash and ruins, utterly without life. While moving through the ruins of a once mighty city, they find a trail through the ashes. Following it, they find the broken corpse of Talismin Redboar; having apparently fallen to her death from a broken bridge high over a rocky riverbed.

Travelling further across the world, Dirge is drawn to an image of a mighty temple to a great power. Symeon’s intervention allows Dirge to break the spell and see the structure for what it is, a ruin. When they go to investigate the temple, they are attacked by strange creatures that warp their perceptions.

When the fight has completed, nothing remains of their opponents but silence in the ashes. With that, the duo return to the City of Doors.

The Tree, the Corruption, and the Fire

The groups raid on the Khaasta lair in Naphraks breaks the Khaasta raiders; with the leadership slain and dozens dead from poison, combat, and infighting, they cease to be an effective threat.

The group decides to rest up in the nearby burg of Crux before heading back to Sigil with the recovered Embers. After a night at Crux’s finest inn, they discover the portal from Crux to the dead world that connects it to Sigil has been sealed magically.

During their investigation, they discover the Warpwood; a massive distortion of the world tree itself. The disturbing revelation is compounded when the druid leader of the woodworker’s guild attempts to burn down the guild and all inside in a fit of madness, caused by the tree’s corruption.

Talismin Redboar takes the opportunity to attempt to kill the duo in the flames, narrowly escaping with severe wounds. The pair track her down on the branches of Yggdrasil and confront her. Although she refuses to give details, she does admit that she sealed the portal and attempted to assassinate them to prevent them from interfering with the Warpwood, thinking them to be rival agents hired by the lower planes. The pair allows her to leave with her word that she will leave Crux and the Warpwood behind.

When they return to town, they warn Veridis Mov, the unofficial leader of the community of the danger. He admits that he had some knowledge of it, and would attempt to speak with the town elders about defending against the corrupting influence.

The Harrowing of Naphraks
Wherein our heroes prove the ephitet "Fortune favors the bold!"

Dirge and Symeon make a daring raid on the demi-plane of Naphraks. After silencing the first patrol, they’re joined by Yarrow, a tiefling bodyguard who was in the process of escaping. Through stealth, poison, and wit, the group manages to slay the leadership of the Khaasta tribe, freeing the slaves. Very nearly overcome by the remaining Khaasta, they manage to flee through a portal on the top tower floor that finds them in an alley on the tree-burg of Crux.

Quote of the Night: Dirge (minimally disguised as the The Wise One: Yes I,er.. just stumbled again. Everything’s all right here now. How are you?

Hunting the Hunters
Wherein our heroes pursue the Khaasta raiders across the Outlands.
  • In the fortress-burg of Ironridge, Symeon and Dirge encounter a small mob fighting over the local brewmasters. Closer observation finds that the brewmasters have used the Embers on themselves, causing the townsfolk to try and claim them. Symeon and Dirge intervene to pull them out of the crowd and interrogate them on the Khaasta.
  • While asking after the Khaasta at Northmen’s provisions, Dirge senses that they’re being followed, and tracks a half-elf across town to a small tavern. Dirge attempts to intimidate her into staying away to little effect.
  • At Northmen’s, Symeon finds that the Khaasta pass through Ironridge on a regular basis while heading to the Realm of the Norns.
  • After leaving town, the group takes care to hide their tracks and campsite; later that night a Yugoloth patrol is seen heading up the road at a furious pace.
  • The party encounters a Fhorge in the wild; Symeon’s magic finds little purchase, but he manages to wound the beast before Dirge lands a killing blow with an improbable crossbow shot.
  • A few days further travel finds the group being tracked down themselves; by a walking castle.
  • A wizard who gives his name as Tiac Rami No introduces himself and inquires after the Khaasta and the embers; having purchased some prior. After internal debate, they agree to enter the tower to try and recover the embers.
  • When Tiac excuses himself to check on his ‘pretties’, Symeon follows him and disables him. Unfortunately, without Tiac’s will, the wards of the Norn realm quickly dissolve the tower.
  • Symeon’s magic saves the pair from a fatal flaw; however their host is crushed messily by the fallen debris. Dirge recovers a part of the wizards body in the hopes of having him ressurcted. Symeon repeatedly injures himself while attempting to force open the small chest containing the “Pretties”, revealed to be six gems imbued with the Circean Embers essence.
  • While continuing to track the Khaasta, the duo travels through the Realm of the Norns and onto the World Tree; Yggdrasil.
  • While travelling across Yggdrasil, they find a small portal to the Half-Realm of Naphraks, the apparent lair of the Khaasta band. They silently kill a pair of sentries and make preparations…
Across the Planes - Adventure Log
Wherein our heroes encounter one of the many perils of the Multiverse.

This is where the accounting of the various fiascos the players (and occasionally the DM…) will generate over the course of the game.

Entry One

Tracking the Khaasta, and disturbing news

  • Symeon and Dirge arrive in Sigil after escorting a caravan from the Outlands. Flush with money, they begin touring the bars of the City of Doors.
  • In a darkened Lower Ward ally, they encounter a group of Khaasta raiders attacking a half-elf with an unknown magic device. They slay nearly a half dozen Khaasta, but the rest escape through a portal to the Outlands.
  • A local innkeeper named Tiandra tells them that the Khaasta have been using a magic device to drain beauty from the unfortunates of the Ward, and that the Harmonium hasn’t stepped in.
  • Dirge and Symeon agree to track the Khaasta. They meet with Lissandra the Gate-Seeker to buy information on how to open the portal to pursue them.
  • They arrive in the Outlands in the ruined pit mines of Chariamur; deep in the mountains between the realms of Maanzecorian the Illithid Deity, and Gzemnid of the Beholders.
  • A pair of Maanzecorian’s proxies had fled his realm to the Outlands, dying in grisly fashion after telling the duo that the Illithid god was somehow slain. Dirge is moved to break his Githzerai-trained stoicism to smile at the misfortune befalling the hated enemy of his people. A physic storm followed, with the pair barely able to resist the blast of secrets and information caused by the death of the power.
  • They leave the Rotting Oracle just prior to the arrival of Blvastin: a Beholder from Gzmenid’s realm who had come to investigate the disturbance; a stealthy escape from unpleasant interrogation follows.
  • Despite pushing themselves, their prey remains a day’s journey ahead. The peculiar malleability of travelling the Outland works against them as they find themselves at the gates of the fortress-town of Ironridge.

Quote of the Night: Symeon: So the Outlands is like the sampler platter of the Planes of Existence?


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