As the characters travel the planes, they’ll gain a reputation with those they meet. Reputation points are earned for performing tasks that are visible to the community of the planes. Outwitting a rival faction member within Sigil would count towards reputation; doing the same on the backwaters of the prime just doesn’t count.

Character’s reputations are restricted by their level

  • Novice – 5 Points
  • Seasoned – 10 Points
  • Veteran – 20 Points
  • Heroic – 40
  • Legendary – No Limit

Characters can use up to half of their existing reputation points to try and improve a social roll against a character who knows of their reputation. This will not function on the clueless!

Each reputation point risked adds a +1 to the roll. If the roll fails, the character loses the reputation points. On a natural 1, the character loses double the points risked.

Opposing characters can use their own reputation points to try and resist the effects: as tough as you think you are, cutter, you’re just not going to intimidate someone like Duke Darkwood without a challenge.

For each rank, you can call in one favor from characters or factions that are friendly to you. These favors are restored upon reaching the next rank. If your character is out of favors, you spend a reputation point to try and gain one with a social roll check.


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