Plane Shift

You move yourself or some other creature to another plane of existence or alternate dimension. If several willing persons link hands in a circle, as many as eight can be affected by the plane shift at the same time.

An ability innate to many Planar creatures; this has not replaced the use of portals due to it’s imprecision. To reach the intended layer of the target plane, the character must have some knowledge of it or randomly be moved to any part of that plane. Even if the location is known, they will be dropped anywhere between 5 and 500 miles of the target.

Rank: Seasoned
Cost: 7 Power Points per creature transported.
Range: Touch


All permanent, moving, or temporary portals that have one end within the spell’s area are unable to open as long as this spell is in effect. Spells for interplanar travel, such as gate or plane shift, and those which allow travel within a plane, such as teleport or dimension door, are unaffected. One cannot exclude specific portals from the spell; everything within the area of effect is locked.

Rank: Seasoned
Cost: 3 Power Points
Range: 25 Feet
Duration 1 Day

Warp Sense

The caster can sense any gate portal within a 60 foot path dead ahead. Scanning takes one full round, and the caster cannot move or take any other action. With each raise, the character can identify the portal key or the destination. If the character knows the portal exists, they get an automatic +2 to the casting roll.

Rank: Novice
Cost: 2 Power Points
Range: 60 Feet


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