Kriv Yadav of the Platinum Legion

A Dragonborn Paladin from Mount Celestia


Age: 24
Class/Level: Paladin
Sex/Ethnic: Dragonborn / Planar
Alignment Lawful Good

Might:+3 Agility:+0 Resolve:+2 Intelligence:0 Perception:+1 Charisma:+2
Racial Abilities -Dragonborn
Scales +1 Armor
Low Light Vision No darkness penalties to perception
Breath Weapon Once per day as per the Special section
Special Abilities
Paladin (Healing/Defense) Can cast from Charisma based on the listed spheres.
Strategy Can attempt to predict enemy movements/positions/strenths
Skirmish +1 Damage with any weapon wearing lighter armor
Healing Remove poisons, curses, and heal wounds with a touch
Bonds Skills
Drahar (Mentor) Treatment
Remiel Aurend Athletics
Weapon DAM Tags
Stalwart(Battle Axe) d6+2 Close,Enchanted,Pierce
Type DR Tags
Drahar’s Chain +2 Armor Masterwork
Shield of the Platinum Legion
Symbol of Bahumut +2 Magic Pool
Map of Sigil
Breath Weapon ? ?
Experience: 1/11 Advances: 5
Hero Points: 4 Favors: 3/0
Stamina: 11

Kriv Yadav of the Platinum Legion

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